More stuff

This page presents material that has not yet reached a final stage.

Deig Unity Integration

It is possible to export games from Deig to Unity. In unity the elements can be animated etc. and the game can be built for mobile platforms. The details are presented in: DeigUnityManual.pdf.

You need the following package: DeigCore.unitypackage and obviously also Unity (v.5.6 or later).

To see a full example, you can install the following package: DeigDemo.unitypackage

The Demo game ( can be imported in Deig.

Deig Writing Companion

The main design goal with the Deig Writing Companion (DWC) is to enable editing of interactive scripts using an interface resembling that of traditional screenplay tools, such as Final Draft. It is a stand-alone tool but uses the same database as Deig.

DWC works on traces from play-throughs of levels. A trace contains all user input (activation of interactables, selection of dialogue options) from the start of a level to the end of a level. A trace is used in DWC to extract all spoken dialogue during that particular session. This dialogue will then be made editable in DWC in a single ‘screenplay’ window. DWC enables editing of the dialog lines but not editing of the logical structure.

DWC is available for testing on request. The creation of traces is made with a component that lacks a lot in terms of usability. There is also no documentation for DWC. It is possible that this will change in the future and that DWC will be released for public download.

screenshot from Deig Writing Companion