Deig is a Java application which means it can be run on most platforms. It has been tested on OSX, Windows and Linux but only a very limited subset of possible versions and configurations.
The easiest alternative for Mac and Windows users is to download the installer. It includes a java runtime.
For other operating systems, or for those who want to optimize space, there is a zip-file that runs on computers with Java installed.

Windows installer
Download Deig-1.5.exe (78Mb) and run it. Java JRE is included.
OSX installer
Download Deig-1.5.pkg (110Mb) and run it. Java JRE is included.
You need to have Java JRE installed to run this alternative.
Download (40Mb) and unpack it (important). Double-click on Deig.jar to start it.

Zip install: Java 1.8 or later
OSX installer: OS X 10.10 (Mountain Lion) or later
Windows installer: Windows 7 or later

Version history
This is version 1.52, released November 4 2021.